Application Process

Minimum Qualifications:
21 Years of Age
High School Diploma or G.E.D

Applications can be found here.

All applications are reviewed by Human Resources. Only applications for those who meet the minimum qualifications for the position will be forwarded to the hiring department for further review. Those applicants who do not meet minimum qualifications for a position will not be forwarded.
Application Process:
1. Online Application – Applicants for positions at the Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center (ECRECC) must complete an online application for all posted vacancies on the Commonwealth’s – Human Resources website.  Resumes are not accepted in lieu of applications.  Applications are only valid for the position for which applied. If applicants are interested in other posted vacancies, they will need to submit a separate application.
Successful completion of a multi-tasking test
2. Multi-Tasking Test – After review of the application the Human Resources Department will schedule the applicant for testing. This will included testing on audio data entry, typing test and telecommunicator skills.
3. Oral Interview – The oral interview is a more formal, in-depth question and answer session conducted by a select panel of ECRECC personnel. Interviews will be scheduled based upon the needs of the agency and the overall qualifications of the applicant.
4. Background Investigation – Applicants who have successfully completed steps 1 through 3 will be entered into a pool of applicants who are eligible for background investigation. If you are selected, a member of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department – Internal Affairs Division will conduct a thorough background investigation.
5. Psychological Exam, Medical Exam, and Drug Screening – Those telecommunicator applicants who are given a conditional offer of employment following steps 1 – 4 must successfully complete a psychological exam, medical exam and drug screen. These exams are scheduled and paid for by the ECRECC.